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Digital: Arri Alexa, Alexa Plus

Arri Alexa

Arri ALEXA EV Prow/ DTE Option
Electronic color View Finder
VF Mounting Bracket
VF Interface Cable 30cm
Center Camera Handle
Wedge Adapter
5 x 32GB SxS Pro Cards
Battery Adapter Pack Gold Mount
ALEXA Ethernet Cable
Handle Extension Bracket
Shoulder Pad
VF Extension Bracket
VF Interface Cable 100cm
Bridgeplate Adapter
Leveling Block
120v Powercable

Arri Alexa Accessories:

Arri Alexa Accessories

CPT DIT Cart Includes:

Evertz Switcher Model 350 Multi-Frame
AJA FS-1 Signal Converter
APC Power Supply
Leader 5330
Sony L231
Eclipse Color
Mac Tower (12 Core) with SAS for Codex Technology

Additional Accessories:
-Various Lengths of BNC
Additional Info for Codex (Transfer Station)
Additional Info for Alexa

Red One MX Package

Red One MX Package

1 - Red One Camera Body
1 - Red Evf
1 - Red On Board Monitor
1 - CF Module (16GB Compatible)
1 - Top Handle
1 - Handle Extension
1 - 19mm Bridge Plate
1 - Dovetail
1 - Arm
1 - Cradle w/ Battery Mount
1 - Universal Mount
4 - 19mm Iris Rods
2 - Mini-XLR to XLR Cables

RED ONE Accessories:
RED Drive
IDX Quad Charger Additional info for Red MX


Canon 7D, 7D PL

Canon 7D

Image 01/03

Package Includes:
Camera Body
4 LP-E6 On Board Batteries

Additional Info for 7D

Sony F35 Cinealta Digital

Sony F35

* The Size of the Motion Picture Format
* Records 4:4:4 - top speed of 50 fps
* Adjustable Frame rate and Ramping, 1 - 50 fps
* Weighs 54 lbs.in Studio Mode
* Weighs 32 lbs. in Handheld Mode
* VTR Dockable on the Camera or Used Remotely

Camera Package Includes:
Camera Body
SRW-1 Recorder
Assistants Remote Panel
Color Electronic Viewfinder
Sliding base Plate w/Rods
14V Block Batteries
14V Battery Chargers
SRPC-1 HD Processor

Sony F35 Additional Accessories:
4:4:4 Optical Fiber Cables
Additional Info for F35

Sony HDW-F900

Sony HWD-F900

Camera Package Includes:
Camera Body
Color Viewfinder
Anton Bauer Charger/Power Supply (x2)
Anton Bauer AC Power Supply
Anton Bauer Hytron Batteries (x4)
Tripod Plate
On Board Microphone

F900 Additional Accessories:
Miranda DVC 800 HD-SDI Adapter/Down-Converter
Sony RM-B750 Remote Control Unit w/30 ft Cable
Special Hand Holding Rig System

Additional info for F900:


Sony F3

Camera Package Includes:
Camera Body
2x 32GB SxS Cards
2x On Board Batteries

Sony PMWF3L Additional Accessories:
CPT Special Adapter Box
12/24V Block Batteries
Zacuto Indie V2 Handheld Rig
*AJA Ki Pro Mini

Additional info for Ki Pro Mini Additional info on F3

Panasonic AJ-HDC27H Varicam

Panasonic Varicam

Camera package Includes:
Camera Body
Hi-Res 16X9 Viewfinder
Anton Bauer Charger/Power Supply (x2)
Anton Bauer AC Power Supply
Anton Bauer Hytron Batteries (x4)
Tripod Plate
On Board Microphone

Panasonic Varicam Additional Accessories:
HD Cinema Frame Rate Converter
EC3 Camera Remote Control Unit
Extension Viewfinder
Evertz On Board Down Converter
AJA Miniature Digital Down Converter

Additional info for Varicam

Panasonic HVX200

Panasonic HVX200

Camera Package Includes:
Camera Body
Clip On Sunshade
8GB P2 Cards (x2)
5.4 Ah Batteries (x2)
Charger w/AC Adapter
Remote Control
Shoulder Strap
HD Component Cable
User Guide

HVX200 Additional Accessories:
Panasonic P2 Store Portable Hard Drive
16GB P2 Card
5.4Ah Battery

Additional Info for HVX200